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Earphones and Headphones are the past now; what is in trend is Earbuds. May you be a young adult going to college or someone pursuing a job, there is a great demand for earbuds in every age group.

Well, if you go surfing to purchase these true wireless earbuds, the first name that comes to your mind is Airpods. Airpods are not bad, but they are very costly, and many people may not want to spend so much on an earbud just to watch a season of Stranger Things.

Also, we often believe that only Airpods are the BEST, and there exists no other company that can provide good features at reasonable rates for an earbud.

Many people often abandon the idea of buying earbuds for the same reason (many people include me). So, I just researched for Airpod alternatives which are closely competent to Apple and provide similar prices but at reasonable rates. Here are some Airpod alternatives which might be useful for you.

What Are the Best Budget Alternatives To Apple Airpods in 2021

#1. Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Introducing Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Earbuds, in terms of features, covers off most. These earbuds have app-based EQs, which can be adjusted according to your preference, can be connected via Bluetooth, and these earbuds also have responsive touch controls. In addition to these features, the earbuds also play immaculately efficiently with practically the entire range of Microsoft hardware and software.

Best Airpod Alternatives

Regardless of these features provided by the Microsoft Surface Earbuds, they don’t really have active noise-cancellation, and the way they would fit, they would let all the ambient sound leak in. And, it will not be an understatement if you call these true wireless earbuds “relatively large-sized” instead of calling them Microsoft Surface Earbuds. In fact, “relatively large-sized” in another life, can be the official name of these surface earbuds. Their charging case, too, is not exactly slim, either.

Despite its large size, the Surface Earbuds can prove comfortable and secure in-situ for hours. These earbuds also come with a “twist-to-fit” arrangement, which keeps them steady even during mild exercise.

What is Active noise cancellation?

Active noise cancellation uses more advanced technology to – surprise – actively counter noise. Basically, it detects and analyzes the sound pattern of incoming noise and then generates a mirror “anti-noise” signal to cancel it out. The end result is that you hear a drastically reduced level of noise.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds, overall, are an extremely welcome addition to the list of the worthwhile true wireless in-ears. Their looks too won’t count for everyone. The Surface Earbuds deliver in only two areas that count: sound quality and functionality.

Pricing – Microsoft Surface Earbuds

With all the advantages and disadvantages, you can get these Microsoft Surface Earbuds at $199.99 i.e., almost Rs.15000.

Eloquent and detailed sound
Have a comfortable and secure fit
LARGE in size
Distinctive design
Battery life is not class-leading

#2. Beats PowerBeats Pro

Best Airpod Alternatives

PowerBeats Pro are dream earbuds. They are supremely comfortable for any activity, sound decent, and seem to never, ever fall out of your ears. This Airpod alternative provides every feature one might want.

Comparatively, they might not be the best true earbuds in Apple’s audio armory now, as Apple AirPods Pro is out now, but PowerBeats, definitely, are Apple’s most premium play in the current range of headphones.

PowerBeats have long battery life and, most importantly, excellent sound quality. They also offer a pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting hole.

True wireless vs wireless: what’s the difference?

Wireless headphones are mainstream right now. But only a few know the difference between wireless and true wireless headphones. So, let me make it clear for you.

Wireless headphones which have interconnected buds(through wire) for over-ear or on-ear for signal transfer between the two. The buds have a cord or cable between them. They operate as a pathway for signal delivery between the two.

True wireless headphones have no wires between the device and the buds. The signal works in the following way: The Bluetooth signal is transferred from the device to one of the buds (the master one), the master earbud passes on the signal to the other earpiece.

To sum up, wireless headphones are bigger and, thus, allow more room to comprise robust drivers than true wireless earbuds. Besides the interference factor, both deliver great sound quality and comfortable fit.

If I had to ever choose between the original Apple AirPods and PowerBeats Pro, I would, without hesitation, go for the PowerBeats Pro. You can wear them around the house, in the office, and even in the gym, in fact, these are the most recommended wireless earbuds for workout enthusiasts.

Pricing – Beats Powerbeats Pro

PowerBeats Pro is something special. With so many features they provide, they are the god of earbuds. You can have access to all of its features for just $170 i.e., at Rs.12,500.

Easy pairing with iOS
Impeccable fit
Long battery life
Heavy case
Limited noise isolation

#3. Samsung Galaxy Buds+
Best Airpod Alternatives

The Terminator 2 was every bit the blockbuster that its precursor was, Samsung Galaxy Buds+, too, is on the line to join the second-edition success stories.

Making use of the dual dynamic drivers, the AKG-tuned Galaxy Buds+ has an exceptional sound. Galaxy Wearable app has also added some new features into it, and the blend of the new and existing features round out the experience. The app, enhancing itself, has added a new tap-and-hold feature in itself which will launch Spotify and also gives song recommendations. The app also provides world-class features like “find my earbuds,” a robust EQ, and ambient sound control.

Best Airpod Alternatives

These Samsung Galaxy Buds+ also have got an upgrade in the battery life, bringing it par to the other AirPod Alternatives. Galaxy Buds+ boasts 11 hours of playback, begetting a total battery life of 22 hours.

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Pricing – Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds+, with a cluster of features, would cost you $85 i.e., almost Rs.6500.

Excellent battery life
Comfortable and light in weight
Stellar app for customization
Charging case has only one recharge

#4. Noise Shots Nuvo

Noise Shots Nuvo is the next pair of truly wireless earbuds by Noise. The earbuds, along with being very very reasonable, also include some top-class features. So, you get Airpod like features at an extremely low price, this Airpod alternative, really is very useful.

Noise Shots Nuvo has an IPX4 rating for sweats during workouts and light rains, Bluetooth connectivity with a 10-meter range, and ergonomic design.

The earbuds come with in-ear silicone tips that are crafted to provide comfort and grip while sitting inside your ears.

The true wireless ear-ins come with an oval-shaped charging case that exhibits charging and battery indicators. Furthermore, the charging case also houses an 800mAh battery, which, the company claims, can give up to 28hours of total playback. The case can charge the earbuds for an 80 minute playback time in just 10 minutes.

These lightweight earpieces provide a dynamic audio output along with a much better sound quality. They even have a 4-hour playback on single charging and also come with smart touch controls for playback, voice calling, auto pairing mode, and can even activate assistants (Google and Siri).

PricingNoise Shots Nuvo

These wireless earbuds come at very reasonable rates in spite of having so many features. Noise Shots Nuvo can be yours at an unbelievable price of $40.32 i.e., Rs.2,999! Yes, you read it right, at just Rs.2,999!

Massive battery life
Can be connected to assistants
Very reasonable price
Relatively large case
No noise cancellation
Cannot attach two mobiles together

#5. Redmi Earbuds S

Xiaomi, once again, has proven that you don’t need to spend half of your monthly income on earbuds having the latest features. Redmi Earbuds S comes with excellent features at very reasonable rates.

These true wireless earbuds have a sleek and very stylish design which will provide you with comfort while in your ears. The lightweight design doesn’t let you feel that they are there in your ears. Remi Earbuds S comes with an excellent 12 hours of playback time. It provides 4 hours of playback in a single go.

Redmi Earbuds S has Bluetooth connectivity, comes with a gaming mode to reduce latency, and also has an IPX4 rating for sweats during your workouts, and is splash-proof.

It can also, in one click, activate voice assistants both on android and iOS, play and pause music, activate gaming mode, and can end or switch conversations.

Redmi Earbuds S comes with a dynamic sound driver that delivers a punchier sound and a better bass. It also enhances your calling experience. This Airpod alternatives provides tons of good features but at a lesser price.

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PricingRedmi Earbuds S

Redmi Earbuds S comes at a very affordable price of $24.76 i.e., Rs.1799.

Excellent battery life
Can activate voice assistants
Very affordable
Would have to compromise on mic
No noise cancellation

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