Monday, January 24, 2022

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Best Super Premium Gadgets for IPL

IPL is the heartthrob of every Indian. It's not just a game, it's a feeling. You need to have the right gadgets like a big TV which would show you every small detail of the image, and the one which has an excellent picture quality. You would also need an excellent soundbar that would immerse you in the game, make it feel real. And how do you enjoy this game when on the wheels?

Hop on, Power up – the New Electric Scooter from Ola.

Are you tired of traffic jams and looking for a way to get around? The Ola Electric Scooter is the perfect vehicle for you. Find out why here.

Unique Fiverr Ideas for Gigs To Earn From Home in 2020

TECHKZAR presents 6 Fiverr ideas to help start your gig! You may explore these to recognize your talent and interest. All of these Fiverr ideas are in trend and only need your talent and skills. So let's have a look at these very helpful and trendy Fiverr ideas!

Tech Battle – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you await the next generation of stylus flagship phones, you’ve got two options...


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Can Electric Vehicles Takeover by 2030? Stats says, “Absolutely Yes.”

Walking to every place. How does it sound? And how about cycling there? You can reach your destination while exercising. We’re all Chandler when it comes to exercising, right?;) Now how about traveling to places...

Forget the Xbox One and PS4, next-gen Best Playstation Alternatives are already here

PlayStation is the most popular console for gaming. Here's a list of some of the best PlayStation alternatives you can buy in the market and play. Read more here.

Best 5 Chromebooks for Students | Simple, Secure and Fast.

Every day we are bombarded with numerous assignments, presentations for work, and so much more.  And to complete these tasks in the best possible way, we need devices that are efficient, portable, and...

What Apple Unveiled? New Launches Covered for You!

The latest Apple event took place on Monday, October 18. We received major news around the new MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, and more. Apple returned with rumored products like the MacBook Pro 2021...

12 Mind-blowing YouTube Alternatives | No Ads and More Features

Tired of watching ads every now and then? Watch your content ad-free, without any interruptions with these top 12 youtube alternatives. There’s so much more you can do with them apart from streaming video content. Find it out and more about them here!

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