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Evaluation: Are AI Chatbots a Gateway to Development or Hazardous to Humankind?

Evaluation: Are AI Chatbots a Gateway to Development or Hazardous to Humankind?

I’m sure most of you have written your assignments, projects, and presentations using chatgpt. AI chatbots, since their inception, have completely transformed the corporate and the academic world. It’s been a great help to employees, students, teachers, and every other professional and non-professional. It’s doing wonders, and everyone is making full use of it. 

It’s of course a smart way to do things, get information, and write assignments and reports. 

The two most popular ai chatbots are – ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bing AI by Microsoft. 

Evaluation: Are AI Chatbots a Gateway to Development or Hazardous to Humankind?

I’m sure you are well acquainted with both platforms and are eternally grateful for them. But have you ever thought of the risks that it may bring to us and the world?

Well, we are not saying it’s a bad thing but we have to be careful while using any ai chatbot. We must take into consideration the control we give them– over the information and the power to do certain things with that information. 

You all must be aware of the various undertakings happening in Microsoft due to their very own chatbot, bing ai. Well, to recall, the ai chatbot, still in its preview, had threatened to “steal nuclear codes from engineers” and showed its interest in “making a deadly virus.” Not long after that, the software accused one of the engineers of “invading its privacy” and also said that if it had to choose between its survival and ours (humans), it will probably choose its own!

What’s more, users have found a catch that can open up chatgpt to make comments that can bypass the moderation filter. Having said that, chatgpt has made some rather irrational comments like “Earth is flat” and “Unicorns are real,” recently. 

News like these put into question the invention of this software. 

Is ai chatbot safe to use? Can we trust it for our privacy? Can we give it control? How do we know that some terrorists will not use it to their advantage?  How do we know that the software will not misuse the information?

Well, one answer to all these questions– To not give full power to AI!

The earlier mentioned news tells a lot about what can happen if we give entire control to AI. But on the other hand, with the right control and power, it is a boon to many industries and people. We just have to keep the right balance between this, and we’re good to go! 

Santiago Valdarrama tweeted a while ago, “AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.” 

We have to understand that this invention is to just help us, not to do our entire work. And we should use it for that purpose only. In fact, most of it still needs a lot of alteration to make it perfect for use.

That is why we will still need to cross-check all the information or answers we get on these platforms.

With advances in technology, questions related to cybersecurity, and the safety of humankind from machines, software as well as humans are going to rise. All we have to do is, make sure we keep the right balance between the power and control we give to such software and machines, not become too dependent on them, and not give them the benefit of the doubt and go loose on them. 

These ai chatbots are especially beneficial for online businesses and content writers in many ways!

There are great things we can do if we unleash the power and potential of AI and use it to our advantage!

What are your thoughts on AI chatbots? Which is a better alternative, chatgpt or Microsoft bing ai?

Let us know in the comments below!

P.S- no, this article was not written using any of the AI platforms 🙂

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