"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

Thanks for passing through the about us section, as much as we are passionate about TECHKZAR we are way more enthusiastic to share the story behind starting this venture.

So, Let’s take you all through our journey, before we begin please fasten your seat belts as this is going to be a long and adventurous ride. Time traveling to the year 2010, when a guy named Prashant during his college days, was a tech-savvy just like you. Being passionate about technology, he loved to read and know about various gadgets, new trends in tech, how-to guides, and other tech things. But back then, it came to his notice that there was no single blog that he could totally rely upon; A website that would give him legitimate and true information related to gadget reviews, guides, etc. Prashant, since then, dreamt of having a website that people could rely on; A website that will give unbiased, unfiltered opinions on gadgets and other tech inventions. He really wanted to help people to know more about tech in a way that makes them curious about the topic. And that’s how Techkzar was born, it’s a website one can truly rely upon. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best gadget/app reviews, explicit buying guides, best buy, or aspiring to make money through various platforms available on the internet today, Techkzar is a one-stop-shop for all of your tech needs.

Now we are in the present year, Our website that had started as an effort has now turned into a passion and responsibility to help people understand and use technology in the most efficient way. Being a fairly young crew, we empathize with your curiosity to know more about all the tech things and thus are determined towards providing you with unique and authentic content. We want to become more than just a blog. With words, one has the power to change the world, and we aim at doing exactly this. And that’s how we come to an end. I hope you enjoyed the journey, we’ve finally reached the last station and to stay connected the only string we have is via email. So, what are you waiting for?Drop in your email id and become a part of the Techkzar fam. We promise to take good care of you, once signed up you’ll have all tech related information you need at your fingertips.



From the latest technologies across the globe to the brand new gadgets launched, an informative article that is quick to read on all the latest launches and trends. The trends template would apprise you with all the latest and trending technologies and gadgets.


Gadget Reviews help you decide your next buying decision. our experience of all the trending gadgets and apps to help you decide which one works the best. An honest unbiased review of various appliances, gadgets, and apps so that you can buy them intelligently & peacefully.


You might be aware that different online media sources provide you with a chance to earn from them from the comfort of your home. If you are keen to know how to earn money from various online media sources then here is a simplified “How To Make Money” guide for you.


Buying gadgets can be a tough job. Like, how many megapixels of camera do you need in your new smartphone, or what all features should your new laptop have? Purveying answers to such questions, we set forth a simplified buying guide of the gadgets you may want to purchase.


What are the best affordable printers available? Or what are the top 5 fitness band companies? Ever came across these questions and wondered? Well, you need not worry about the best Top-5 of any gadget as you will get to know about it right here!


For the young parents, we presents the Kids Series, where you will find latest kids gadgets, apps, and resources that would help you as well as your kids throughout their juvenile journey. Through new technologies in the kids’ section we make yours and your kids’ life easy and comfortable.


Prashant Raj

Founder & Strategy

A passionate techie & a foodie by heart who is always looking for variety & innovation in both niches. An empirical guy who dreams of making Techkzar a leading tech blog.

Trishla Gupta


I’m a traveling enthusiast and an explorer. I love chit-chatting and have an outgoing personality. I’m a techie always looking to explore new things in the niche.

Bhakti N


She a tech-savvy who wants to spread her knowledge and acquire all the new ones she gets. I love music and possess wanderlust in my blood. I’m all the things that a Sagittarius is!



Prashant Raj

Prashant is an entrepreneur, technology lover, and big-time foodie. He loves to travel and explore new places. He has been living in Dubai for the last 5 years with his family.
Prashant is also a Podcaster, his passion for marketing made him start a podcast which he named "The Marketing Tintin"