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Your Search Ends Here! 5 Best Influencer Marketing Apps to Get you the Best!

The latest trend, influencer marketing, is a boon to brands. Via influencer marketing apps, brands can easily connect with their target audience and boost their sales. Brands, for this reason, are always looking for micro or macro-influencers in their niche. 

But, standing out from the crowd as a successful influencer is not a breeze. 

It requires hard work, consistency, and tons of creativity. Unfortunately, even after working with integrity, sometimes, some influencers don’t get the reach they are looking for and deserve due to the presence of other inept people showcasing themselves as influencers. Brands, too, due to this reason, struggle to find the right influencer.

According to stats, 61% of marketers fail to find the right influencers for their ad campaign, due to which the campaigns see failure.    
Best influencer Marketing app - Review by Techkzar
According to stats, 61% of marketers fail to find the right influencers for their ad campaign, due to which the campaigns see failure.   


So, what’s the way out for brands and influencers? The way out is influencer marketing apps!

These platforms are discovery tools that help influencers and brands find each other and start a collaboration. They also offer relationship management, campaign management, influencer marketplaces, third-party analytics, and influencer content amplification.

Ten Reasons you should go for influencer marketing apps: 

Now that we know what influencer marketing apps do and the benefits of using them, let’s jump on to the best Influencer Marketing Apps currently available in the market.

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Out of the ocean of influencer marketing platforms, Techkzar has researched & presented Top 5 based on their Effectiveness, Accessibility, Efficiency & Services Offered.

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Apps

1. Upfluence

Upfluence has earned the FIRST position on our list of the top influencer marketing platforms. 

To start with, Upfluence’s biggest flex is that great companies like Microsoft and PayPal utilize its services. 

This influencer marketing app is a self-serve platform that allows companies to set a pricing level according to the business size; meaning small, medium, and big sized businesses, all can benefit from the platform, at affordable prices. 

Upfluence has a massive database of up to 500 million items of content that are spread across the most popular social media apps, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. 

The database has a tidy amount of information about each influencer. Thus, it becomes easier for brands to find influencers that match their specific criteria. 

This one of the best influencer marketing apps has reached popularity because of its two products, Facade- A social media search engine, and Publishr- An influencer relationship management system.

Upfluence provides brands with tools that manage the relationship with each influencer.

upfluence services offered - Best influencer Marketing app - Review by Techkzar

2. YouTube BrandConnect ads brandconnect 16 9 |

The second on the list o the top influencer marketing platforms is YouTube BrandConnect. (Previously known as Famebit, the company has rebranded itself.)

Like other influencer marketing platforms, YouTube BrandConnect, a YouTube-oriented platform, connects influencers/creators with brands for their branded content campaigns. 

When the platform finds a deal that matches the influencer’s interests, the influencer receives an email from the medium containing all the information regarding the deal. 

Influencers are paid when they incorporate promotion or advertisement content in your videos. The platform also provides campaign management resources. 

Here, influencers retain control over the brands they choose to work with.

There are certain eligibility requirements that one must fit into before being a part of YouTube BrandConnect:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must be a part of the YouTube Partner Program
  • Must be based in the U.S., Canada, or the United Kingdom
  • Must have zero active Community Guidelines strikes

 YouTube BrandConnect, is currently invite-only. 

youtube brandconnect services offered - Best influencer Marketing app - Review by Techkzar


SocialBakers has found its position on the third spot of the top influencer marketing platforms. 

This, one of the best influencer marketing apps in the market, works by collecting tons of data on a brand’s engaged audience. The data is kept relevant and free of bots, ghosts, and lurkers and is then used by an AI engine that creates a detailed persona map of the average audience members whom the brand wishes to market. 

Once brands define their requirements, the AI starts recommending influencers that are likely to appeal to their audience. Brands can also perform a manual search for influencers. 


SocialBakers selects influencers from a pool of 30 million + influencers from popular social media channels like Instagram and YouTube.

This one of the best influencer marketing apps provides brands with information like follower count, engagement, mentions, frequently used hashtags, etc., from an influencer’s account. 

SocialBaker’s standout feature is its comparison tools that allow brands to go in-depth on influencers’ profiles and view their actual impact. This tool can help brands better understand the value that each prospect influencer might bring to them.

social bakers services offered - Best Marketing app - Review by Techkzar


The next top influencer marketing platforms is GRIN. Grins’ primary focus is on eCommerce businesses that have integrations into the major shopping platforms. 

The platform is extremely easy to use and organizes everything so well so that users don’t get lost. Integrating Grin into the existing system is a breeze.