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9 ways to make money on youtube! Easy, Quick, and Efficient.

YouTube, which started off as a video-sharing site, has now grown into a talent showcasing platform. 

YouTube consists of almost half the internet, which is 1.9 billion users logging in every month. 

People across the globe use YouTube as a platform to showcase their talent in various fields, teach people different things, and make money on youtube!

There exist many options when it comes to turning your ideas into income. From traditional ads to selling merchandise, from affiliate marketing to brand collabs, and much more. 

But these are all the “old ways” to make money on youtube, So known that the market is oversaturated with them. No one falls for them now. 

YT | In this article, Techkzar will show you 9 easy-peasy ways to make money on youtube. | make money online, youtube

Due to the over-popularisation of these traditional methods to make money on youtube, people fail to see the new, emerging ways that allow you to make a good income from the platform. 

What are they? Let’s find out!

In this article, Techkzar will show you 9 easy-peasy ways to make money on youtube.

9 ways to make money on youtube

  1. Join the  YouTube Partner Programme

Sounds something superior? It is!

YPP or the YouTube Partner Programme allows qualifying creators to earn revenue from the platforms through different ways and gives them access to special features. 

How does one qualify for the YouTube Partner Programme?

Well, to qualify for the YPP, you are required to have 4,000 valid public watch hours in the previous 12 months, and at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel. 

You’ll also need to follow all the YouTube monetization policies and have a linked AdSense Account (Don’t worry, creating an AdSense account is no sweat)

Most important of all, you must live in a country/region where the YoutTube Partner Program is available, if you don’t you may consider relocating, well NO, that was just a joke!

Now, once you get into the programme, you can start earning money from the platform through various ways, for instance, from ads, Premium subscribers, channel memberships, Super Chat, and more! 

With the YPP, you can also use the Copyright Match Tool and get access to 1:1 Chat and Email support.

Superior, indeed!

Keep one thing in mind, as part of YPP, your channel will be held to a higher standard so you’ll have to strictly adhere to all the YouTube Partner Programme policies and the Community Guidelines. 

  1. Ad Revenue and YouTube Premium

This one is the easiest way to make money from youtube

You can earn a good amount from running display, overlay, and video ads on your channel. 

YouTube Premium allows you to earn a portion of a subscriber’s fee whenever they watch your content. 

It’s that simple!

  1. Super Chat and Super Sticker

There are more ways to connect with your fans during your live streams and Premiers.


Super Chat and Super Stickers!

These are nothing but fun, bright, lively messages and stickers that fans can buy for you to show you their support. 

One thing that asserts people to buy these stickers and messages is that they make these fans stand out from others. 

So, make sure you engage your audience well from now on. 

This will help you gather a loyal fanbase for yourself, which will stay with you and support you throughout.

  1. Channel Memberships

Membership for your channel that fans buy out of their love for you. 

These are also a great way to showcase your love for your biggest fans. 

When people buy your channel membership, they get exclusive benefits like custom loyalty badges, emojis, and special, members-only content. 

The best part about this way to make money on youtube is that you can pick the rewards you wish to offer to your fans and can also decide how much to charge for each membership level. 

  1. YouTube BrandConnect

Another way to make money on youtube is from youtube!

YouTube BrandConnect connects influencers/creators with brands for their branded content campaigns. 

When the platform finds a deal that matches your interests, you receive an email from youtube containing all the information regarding the deal. 

You are paid when you incorporate, promote, or advertise content in your videos. 

Here, you control whom you want to work with.

Before you start dreaming about which brands to work with, let me tell you that  YouTube BrandConnect is currently invite-only. 

There are certain eligibility requirements you must fit in to be a part of YouTube BrandConnect.

If you meet these requirements, then you’re all set to rock the stage!

  1. YouTube Shorts Fund
9 ways to make money on youtube! Easy, Quick, and Efficient.

A great idea and a smartphone is all you need to get going!

YouTube shorts are basically short videos (reels, in the Instagram language) wherein you can create and post any kind of content, be it dance videos, study material, or some hilarious prank videos. 

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. We’ll reach out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they qualify for a Shorts bonus from the fund.

YouTube Shorts Fund is a new program based on these Shorts where creators get access to amazing rewards and bonuses for their contribution to YouTube’s community. 

If you’re eligible for the peogramme, you can quickly earn some income for yourself. Shorts is a great way to make money on youtube; its both fast and engaging!

So what are the eligibility criteria?

Apart from your previous month’s Shorts performance, you’ll need to be:

  • At least 13 years old or the age of majority in your region/country
  • Located in an eligible country
  • Upload an Original Shorts video in the last 180 days
  • Follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Monetisation Policies

If you fit into this criteria, keep a close eye on your notification, you might get an email from the platform about it.  

  1. Super Thanks

Another applaudable way to make money on youtube!

Super Thanks allows fans to express their love and gratitude for you and your content. 

Viewers, with Super Thanks, can purchase a fun “clapping” animation that is visible only to them on top of your channel’s video. 

People buying these also get a distinct, colorful comment in your video’s comment section so that you and other influencers can easily connect with your biggest supporters. 

To be eligible to get a Super Thanks your channel must meet certain requirements. 

  • Your channel must be monetized
  • You must be in one of the available locations
  • You shouldn’t be a music channel under the SRAV

There are more eligibility criteria for individual channels too. 

Fulfilling them will fee your way to sue Super Thanks in your channel!

  1. Crowdfunding
9 ways to make money on youtube! Easy, Quick, and Efficient.

Crowdfunding is now commonplace on the internet. 

Whether you’re looking to build revenue from small monthly donations or to fund a personal or channel-related project, you can seek help from people via crowdfunding on youtube. This is how many other YouTubers across the globe make money on YouTube.  

To get started, set up your crowdfunding account and chose one youtube approved crowdfunding site from the list, illustrate your goal and promote the campaign in your videos and on other social media platforms too. 

That’s it, the simplest ways to make money on youtube!

  1. License your content to the media

After a video goes viral on youtube, every media house wants to get their hands on a copy of it to replay it for their audience. 

Established media houses are well aware that they need to pay first for whatever they use. 

And that is pretty much of it! You‘ve got yourself another way to make money on youtube. 

Licensing your most successful work to the media also makes sure you’re easy to be found. 

Sign yourself up in the video rights marketplace and make sure your contact details are kept updated on your page. 

This will allow media houses to easily find and approach you and get your share of the revenue!

This was it!

9 ways to make money on youtube!

These simple, fast, and efficient ways to make money on youtube will help you earn extra cash from your content. 

So, Get Started Now! 

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